Enigma 2019

4k video, 27 minutes 49 second

Large machines and complex instrumentation, vast infrastructures, and the various detection and processing technologies of today allow transference of the human gaze to the remote domains of nature. Enigma takes us into such topography of uncertain contours as an in-depth survey of a fragment of carbon, as seen by an electron microscope. In the gallery, the viewer thus becomes the observer of an environment that could be seen familiar, yet offers us an uncanny view, closer to the landscapes of Mars, or the images from the depths of ocean chasms. This perspective could not be captured outside the vacuum chamber of the electronic microscope, a space devoid of air or gases, or time references. Thus, we could conclude that in the space created by this work time is created and passes as a non-linear, elusive narrative. Enigma’s time is determined by a visual representation made up of vibrations and rhythms of the smallest imaginable scale, close to the sphere of the esoteric. The Greek esoterikos describes what is “intimate, reserved for the adepts” and describes precisely the representation of the hidden that is revealed through the film. Again, the artist treats the technical instrument as that which allows access to an aspect of nature that remains normally hidden. Despite the precision that anchors the experiment it seems that the artist himself would want to abandon control of the composition and act only as an observer.

Mónica Bello, curator