Enigma 2019

4k video, 27 minutes 49 second
1-ch projection
Dimension Variable

Fragment of coal captured through an electron microscope that uses a beam of accelerated electrons as its source of illumination. The black materials continuously grow in and out of each other, changing and transforming throughout the process, as the inner space of the work becomes bodily, as well as the light material. The space is immersive and enigmatic. Its details are usually far out of our perceptual field, but here visible as micro caves of light, darkness and surface tension projected as a macro environment. Time slows down and speeds up in the form of different focus points in the material: It is time as material, time experienced as light, time experienced as silent change in focus. This is an environment that might more often be afforded to us through the use of abstract thought, but here we enter it through the senses, through the flow of the image, and materiality of the phenomena. Furthermore, it is a materialized projection of a layered moment in time, that mirrors itself through texture and becomes a shape of their own, remindful of the fact that all harmonies must surely come to an end at some point, leaving behind a little trace of time in its own shadows and the exact moment of endless possibility. It is a moment the viewer is unused to residing in and may even find disorienting, but can only be furthered by allowing it to be.